Slow shutter facet

I really like the slow shutter facet. It’s dreamy.



We zoomed past one million photos 3 weeks after launch.

Here’s a screenshot of one of our Dashboards:


Of course, total photos uploaded is a bit of a vanity metric, it’s not really meaningful. We’re more focused on meaningful usage. But still a bit of a milestone.

Reminded me of this classic.

Still, ONE MILLION. Gotta capitalize that.

New blog

We switched to a new blog. Tumblr is great and all, but somehow I feel more comfortable with WordPress. It’s more of a real blog.

Since everything goes in tickets, here’s me asking for someone to do the DNS change:


This post is also me trying out Live Writer (one of Microsoft’s few awesome little products) with the new blog. Here goes.

Hello world;

Hello world. Starting our new blog.